IMPORTANT: Please note that the deadline for ordering this stand package is 3 weeks before the event date.
Unfortunately, late orders cannot be processed online. Please email if your event is less than 3 weeks away.

Aviation Summit 2021 – Premium 2



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• 360 branded fascia
• 2x high stools
• 1x high pod table
• 4x longarm spotlights
• 2x A4 brochure holder

Artwork must be supplied as CMYK PDF, flattened, fonts outlined. A special template for your designers will be supplied.

Deadline for ordering packages is 24 August 2021.

Deadline for artwork submission is 31 August 2021.

Please note that all print-ready artwork must be sent over NO LATER THAN 14 DAYS before your event.
Please send print-ready artwork saved as CMYK PDF/X-1a:2001 at 25% or 50%, flattened, fonts outlined, with embedded high-res imagery.

For more details have a look at our PDF: HERE